Minut Init was founded on the 10th November 2010 by Dali Abdul Azis and James Ly with the intention of diversifying the artistic climate of Malaysia by becoming a melting pot of creative expression without censorship or discrimination.

Minut Init represents a select group of artists from the obscure to the esteemed, committed to introducing art from all mediums and in all media, who sees art as a platform for experimentation and a means of interaction with society.

“Our society is overrun by cultivated pessimism , that has lead to a cultural void that propagates our cynical judgement towards unorthodox practices or peculiarities in human social interaction.

We believe in the potential of the developing mind and in the ability of visual arts to conceive an alternative perspective on contemporary thinking.”

Currently we have evolve from an underground art gallery into an “Art Social” space. Facilitating a space where art and society embrace. We are interested in the discourse between aesthetics and politics and in the relationship between art and society.  Minut Init is the place to explore medium, form and message and discover new personalities within the creative industry.

Working with aspiring and ambitious individuals and collectives from the visual arts, fashion, design, performance and music organizing exhibitions, talks and other social events. Therefore establishing ourselves as the perfect platform for burgeoning contemporary artists, designers and creatives from various practices to display their work and collaborate on projects.

Dali & James Ly