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The GREAT AB(e)SCAPES : the fuck off abraham fundraising party

Nazreen Abraham Stein. The first padawan of Minut Init Art Social (, Malaysia is heading off to Berlin in the end of May to tell the story of Nusantara to the Whiteys.

In order to hep his quest to the north, Minut Init is hosting the fuck off Abraham fundraising party with these unique selectas.

\\Trash Berlin

9pm till late
Minut Init Art Social, Uptown Damansara

**To make things more interesting, we are selling human slaves for a date in THE GREAT AUCTION OF HUMANS.**


The Great Auction of Humans : Fuck Off Abraham Fundraising

In order to help Abraham’s Journey up North.
We’ll be selling both male and female volunteers who wish to help us raise the fund to kick Abraham out of Malaysia.Either come to buy a date with of the ‘slave’ or come to sacrifice yourself to be auctioned off for a good cause.

Friday (19/5/2017)
11,30pm till 12.30pm
Minut Init Art Social, Uptown Damansara

Cash only. All funds raised will be put into the charity case of Abraham. All ‘slaves; sold must be willing participants and any activities requested by the buyers must be consensual.

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