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Jack It! Vol.7 feat. Cat Brogan

Minut Init, Uptown Damanasara

[Jacking it] is a term derived from Projek Rabak poet, Jack Malik, who embodies the character of a passionate poet who will do whatever it takes to get his work out there, whether through performance or publication. Jack Malik is known in the poetry scene as the ruthless, brave young poet who attends almost every poetry open-mic show he hears of and enquires at the door if there are any slots left to perform.

In the spirit of Jacking it, we encourage poets and perfomers alike to come for the show and do exactly what Jack Malik would – just come with your craft and be ready to perform.

No prior registrations needed, HOWEVER – do note that there will be a cap of 12 performers this time, selected on a first come first serve basis. Registration opens at 8pm, so be sure to come early! Bring your friends, loved ones or just yourself! We guarantee a chill but great evening of raw performances.


Cat Brogan won the BBC Edinburgh fringe Poetry Slam. Her poetry has featured on Radio 4, RTE, Latitude Festival and Cheltenham Literary Festival. She graduated from the ground breaking MA Writer/Teacher at Goldsmiths and was a full time Spoken Word Educator in The Lammas School London for three years. Cat is funded by the Arts Council England and the British Council to research spoken word education in Kuala Lumpur in partnership with Poetry Cafe KL. Cat has presented her education work at academic conferences, published in a journal and has a TEDx Talk – Poet’s Guide to Surviving School. Her students have won awards from Adobe, UNEP and performed in the UK Parliament and Barbican. Her student’s most recent music video Cold as ISIS has over 13,000 views on You Tube. Cat is originally from Northern Ireland and has performed internationally including Pakistan, Kenya, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore, Nepal and New York.

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