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Yahna : Haze Album Listening Party

Minut Init Presents:
Yahna : Haze
(album listening party)
31st March 2017
9pm onwards
Minut Init Art Social

Italian music producer, 22-year-old Luca Fucile, is the man behind the brand, YAHNA. Despite having only recently ventured into the electronic music scene, YAHNA is gaining popularity and momentum in Malaysia and South East Asia. Born into a musically-inclined lineage, you could say that Fucile’s life has always been punctuated with music, but it wasn’t until his two years at the London School of Sound where he learnt music production and sound engineering in earnest that his passion in electronic music took centre stage. Although the school no longer exists today, the skills gained and the relationships he forged with people from various societies was what transformed Fucile to YAHNA.
YAHNA owes a lot of its sound to the relationships he has formed over the years. While some have remained constant and true, others have slowly faded and disappeared. He draws inspiration from these beautiful individuals; be they friends, family, colleague, and idols. At this turning point in his life, YAHNA has coupled his experiences with his carefully honed ability to produce and express his thoughts and emotions through electronic music in order to craft his first album – HAZE.
HAZE is an album that encapsulates the fleeting nature of life as it constantly changes with the passing of time: acquaintances become friends, relationships are made and broken, experiences become memories, feelings fluctuate, and dreams become reality. It is this ever-changing nature of life that brought HAZE into existence with music eliciting dream-like visions of what has been, what is, and what could be.
HAZE, YAHNA’s debut album, contains fifteen songs with titles like “Paraphilia,” “No Romance,” “Haze,” and “Lady In The Lake” among many others. Each song slowly envelops the listener into the music from unbridled desire to content and wariness to perseverance. The balance between meticulous and permissive approach to YAHNA’s music gives each song an ethereal quality. Each song on the album has a story of its own to tell. And taken collectively, the fifteen songs tell of the many endeavors that Fucile has taken on and the many creations he has made as YAHNA.
HAZE, is one of those creations.
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