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Aphrodisia : A Solo Exhibition by Alya Hatta

// “The erotic perception stems from the gaze and almost fetish-like relationship between food and figure.” //

Minut Init Art Social presents :
A Solo Exhibition by Alya Hatta
10th – 31st March 2017
Opening Night : 9pm on Friday 10th

Alya Hatta is a self-taught artist who focuses on contemporary portraiture and combining hyper-realism with a surrealist subject matter. Focusing on mixing traditional painting techniques with modern stimuli, she creates images that shock the viewer with their multitude of interpretations solely derived from the individual. Her influences vary from traditional renaissance artists including Michelangelo, contemporary figurative painters including Francis Bacon and abstract artists like Fiona Rae. With a strong interest in photography within the same field, she explores the relationship between humans and unconventional surroundings and what emotions these evoke to the viewer.




My work is focused on challenging the consumerist-driven representation of human beauty imposed onto society by media and advertising outlets. In my paintings, an almost erotic metaphor is derived from the draping of food on the face to the point where this seems to dominate the paintings when viewers are questioned. The erotic perception stems from the gaze and almost fetish-like relationship between food and figure. The objectivity of the images are compromised by the public’s perception which is largely derived by media’s erotic beauty ideals and representations of food. On the other hand, not only are my paintings perceived as erotic, but are contradictorily seen as grotesque. This sense of negative perception towards the idea of the luxury of food and consumption rejects the traditional idea that thin is beautiful as with modern beauty standards comes a sense of desire and so restriction to achieve the ‘perfect’ body. In some ways, the advertising industry would turn away to such a concept where beauty comes in many forms that doesn’t restrict itself to what we know as stereotypically beautiful. The media largely influences these perceptions and the objective image of an individual’s interaction with food is tainted by both erotic and grotesque interpretations. I want to create awareness of what I think are unrealistic and unhealthy perceptions of food, figure and beauty. This is done by allowing the viewer to think about their own perceptions and emotions and where these stemmed from.









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