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Utopia : A Sci-Fi & Fantansy Illustration Group Exhibition

If we take a step back and look at why we really screwed up as a human civilization, then the answer is very obvious that many groups of society holds onto their own beliefs and their own versions of “Utopia”. Make my nation great again. My race is the master race. My religion is the truth. Well I am tired of all these boring little Utopias that these people want to make happen. I think their Utopias are a little small compared to what I watch and imagine when I was a child. Science Fiction and Fantasy is an undeniably ingrained part of our childhood regardless of the brand. So why not look at some of our local illustrators who have visions of another universe and alternate realities. And look back at the pop cultural tropes that are an essential part of our social and creative identity.
//Utopia : A Sci-Fi & Fantansy Illustration Group Exhibition//
– Muid Latif
– Whamonster
– Johnathan Chong
– Mye Lim
– Wan Amirul Adlan
13th till 23rd Januari 12017
Opening Night :
Friday the 13th
Minut Init Art Social
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