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Women are not Human

“This project began as a reaction to injustice and inequality which women faced around the world. The glass ceiling, victim blaming, social stigma and many other issues. This exhibition will investigate how different people deal with these problems all over the world.This exhibition is about women’s rights. The choices they have in life, to live the way they want.” – Irina Lebedeva

To continue our Minut Init Sex Month : Introspection on Gender Identity we present to you
[ Women are not human: A group exhibition of Feminism ]
Artist :
// Shannon Chan Ziali a.k.a Whamonster
// Gan Chia Yen
// Mona KV
// Ng Yee Leng
// Marlejin Spekking (Netherlands)
// Amy Powell (Uk)
// Bahador Moayer (Iran)
25th to 30rd November 2016
Friday Opening Night : 8pm
Talk and Discusiion : 9pm
Minut Init Art Social
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