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A fragmented social media circle consisting of artists from various platforms, brought together via online messages, and asked to reflect on online messages, Circle Jerks features artists working with hybridized mediums ranging from Virtual Installation to Chatroom Performance. Fragments of private messages, quotations, status updates, speech bubbles and other units of online conversation, often dismissed as transient or inconsequential, are the focus of this show. This exhibition posits these messages as the trace of the labour enacted in order to sustain the internet user’s identity, a mediation of personas that is usually undermined to maintain the semblance of a stable subject.


The show opens on the 14th of November (Saturday) 8pm with a live performance by Sudarshan that will be streamed through Michael Jordan’s #livingroomtoday project.

Following this visitors of Minut Init art social will have the opportunity to get to the artists behind these social media profiles better through a series of talks on the following dates (14 November – 28 November) :

  • 15 November, 8pm : Katy Roseland (in Person)
  • 20 November, 9pm : Liz Solo and Nebulosus Severine (Colleen McLaughlin) (via Second Life)
  • 21 November, 8pm – San Nuvola (via Skype)
  • 22 November, 8pm – Magical Masters (Hela Trol Pis)
  • 27 November – 8pm Michael Jordan (via

The Circle Jerks 2015 :


[Wang_Rou : Petaling_Jaya]

The curator of this show contacted the artists under different user names across online platforms, assuming different positions and attitudes while interacting. Multiple discursive tangents running throughout the artworks in Circle Jerks arise through this pseudononymous performance of immersion within online communities. The intention in employing this relational strategy was to open up themes naturally via the performative dimension of messaging, rather than negotiate them as a central agency in full command of one’s language, ‘gestalting’ a curator within conditions that informs one’s identification as a mediated subject.

[Andrew_T_Crum : Petaling_Jaya]
Andrew T Crum claims the Pacific Northwest as his primary cultural influence. Andrew is interested in the bridging of cultures via an ongoing exploration of the development of culture. In 2007 he began Project Moments Of Truth, literally riding into the depths of the creative process beginning with a motorcycle journey through the USA and Mexico, and has since expanded his project around the world. Aside from contributing work, Andrew will also be moderating and documenting the talks in this show, delineating specific cultures and identities amidst a flurry of globalised, hypermediated communication.

[Katy_Roseland : Shanghai]


Katy Roseland is an artist, curator and co-founder Basement6 Collective, an artist-run experimental space run out of an underground bunker. With a focus on social art practices, her work is public centered. Through the means of performance installation, building events and strategies for anyone to experience has given her insight into collective consciousness. She is now experimenting and performing in the parameters of Chinese social media and specifically Wechat.

[Sudarshan : Kuala Lumpur]
Illustration by Jin Hien Lau

Sudarshan Chandra Kumar is an improvisational sound artist, actor and performance artist. In the more theatrical incarnations of his act his stage presence is typified by an intense dark humor accompanied by a sensibility that straddles the borderline between kitsch and authenticity.

[Fairuz_Sulaiman : Petaling_Jaya]

Fairuz Sulaiman is a new media artist whose first artwork was a karaoke video clip made using a N93 phone. A large component of his practice revolves around live video manipulation, often complemented by non-digital elements like puppetry, shadow play and miniatures. Pertaining to his practice, Fairuz is also the creative director of Digital Arts and Culture festival, an artist-run event featuring a synthesis of technological and traditional mediums within the Malaysian context. See:…

[William_Sim : Puchong]
William Sim is an artist who works in the photographic medium, based in Kuala Lumpur. His primary work revolves around the idea of existence and his place in society, an expansive study on the self. He is currently expanding his practice to include installation and performance art.

[Min_Jie : Berlin]
Min Jie 闵桀 (b. Beijing, China, 1990) – Min Jie, currently based in Berlin, is a Chinese new media artist who’s heavily influenced by net art and celebrity culture. Shifting between the physical and the metaphysical, her artwork explores mental models through an interaction design and scientific modelling approach.

[Michelle_Proksell : Beijing]
Michelle Lee Proksell 媚潇 (b. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1985) – Michelle is an independent researcher, curator, artist, musician, photographer and writer currently based in Beijing, China. The majority of her research and curatorial practice is published under an archive she started, documenting and interviewing emerging digital and post-internet artists in China at As an artist, she works with video, sound, performance and her ongoing Chinternet Archive – a collection of vernacular digital artifacts from the Chinese Web. She is most interested in the physicality of the Internet and its relationship to human behavior, emotions and social interactions.

[Aurelia_Guo : Melbourne]


Aurelia Guo is an artist and writer living in Melbourne.

[Hela_Trol_Pis : Melbourne]
[Gabriele_de_Seta : Hong_Kong]
Gabriele de Seta is a media anthropologist studying digital folklore and media practices of vernacular creativity in contemporary China. He collects, curates and narrates the genres of user-generated content, local humor and platform-specific aesthetics circulating across Chinese postdigital media ecologies. He also meddles with experimental music and Internet art. His research work is chronicled here:

[St_Michael : Los_Angeles]

Michael Walker, born in 1987 in Rochester NY, has been using marginal social positions and the zeitgeist he found himself in as basis for his art. Immersing himself on the internet, he has carefully and generously opened his art as a means for people to inspire themselves and further exercise a movement. By studying film, he used the idea of moving pictures in his photography. Juxtapositions of social understandings of the world, especially when it comes to internet spaces, is Walker’s main stage. As a director, he manages to let go of appropriation of his art, which is extremely rare nowadays in the art world, altruistically calling everything a collaboration. This is because when people can claim the work, they share it, and the more is shared, the more the audience grows and pushes the artist.

[Nebulosus_Severine : Washington]
Nebulosus Severine (b. 1975, USA) is a visual artist who has worked with acrylic & oil painting, ink drawings on paper, digital composition, printmaking, and virtual reality/New Media art. Much of their recent work has been created in the virtual world of Second Life, where they have been exhibiting since 2005. Nebulosus is drawn to New Media arts and to virtual communities for their groundbreaking experimental and interactive potential.

[Liz_Solo : Toronto]

Liz Solo is an inter-disciplinary artist with a long history as performance artist, writer, media artist, activist and musician. Liz works independently and as part of various collectives and partnerships to produce works that merge the live performance stage with virtual (online, game) environments. Her performances often span multiple venues and online platforms.

Liz Solo is co-founder and member of the Black Bag Media Collective and the online performance collective The Second Front Performance Art Collective. She is a composer and performer with The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and is the current curator and manager of the Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulators. Her performances, videos and online events continue to be screened and presented around the world. Recent live performance and video work has been seen at: ISEA Istanbul; FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo; Chromatose Anymation Festival, St. John’s; MaMachinima International Machinima Festival, Amsterdam; The Big Screen Project, Times Square NYC; Inhuman Resources (co-exhibit with Mez Breeze), Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Kelowna BC. Festival of New Dance, St. John’s, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vancouver. Liz Solo is based in Newfoundland, Canada. See:




Curated by Wang Rou
Talks moderated and hosted by Moments of Truth

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